Who is Marie Clover? Did a Spurned Lover Plot to Murder Pastor Mark Gleason? – Explained

A sensational story about a woman named Marie Clover who allegedly went to extreme lengths to exact revenge on a pastor named Mark Gleason has taken the internet by storm.

The story, shared by the notorious Dax News platform on TikTok, resembles a Hollywood plot and claims to be based on real events, though there is no evidence to support this.

Despite the dubious authenticity, many are searching for details on the Marie Clover story, and we’re here to explain it—that’s the whole purpose of “Explained!”

The Marie Clover and Pastor Mark Gleason Story Explained – Murder in Detroit During Baptism

The tale of Marie Clover and Pastor Mark Gleason originates from TikTok and an account known as Dax News, infamous for publishing largely fabricated stories that often go viral due to their captivating content.

Dax News stories often read more like movie scripts than real-life events because they are specifically designed to elicit strong reactions from readers.

This particular story is no different, featuring a grisly revenge plot involving sex, cheating, deception, plotting, and murder—all the elements of a blockbuster.

According to the narrative, Marie Clover is a 31-year-old woman and a member of the New Gospel Church of Christ (likely a fictional church) in Detroit.

Clover and Mark Gleason, a supposed prominent church leader, were allegedly engaged in an affair for an unknown duration.

The story claims that Gleason ended the affair to protect his marriage, family, and career.

Feeling spurned, Clover then devised a long-term, sinister revenge plan that culminated in the murder of Pastor Gleason.

Clover’s alleged actions epitomize the saying “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”

According to Dax News, and here’s where the story becomes more fantastical, Clover purchased a hyper-realistic silicone mask to alter her appearance, allowing her to continue attending the church undetected by the pastor.

The mask was reportedly so lifelike that no one could tell it wasn’t her real face, and she even interacted with a man who slept with her for months without realizing who she was.

Clover’s revenge involved joining the church choir. After six months undercover, she requested to be baptized, setting the stage for her plan.

Just before Pastor Gleason submerged her in the water for the ceremony, she allegedly pulled out a hidden razor and slit his throat.

Incredible story, right? Almost like a movie!

Dax News claims Clover, in another dramatic twist, was pregnant with the pastor’s child. She was arrested after the attack and charged with murder. Despite efforts to save him, Pastor Mark Gleason reportedly died.

So, there you have it, the entire Marie Clover and Pastor Mark Gleason story explained.

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Again, there is no indication this is a true story. Dax News stories are more fiction than fact, but you have to hand it to them—they’re quite skilled at crafting these tales.