Loren Stacks and Camille Marti Beaumont TX Death & Obituary, Two died in an accident that involved a drunk driver on June 14

Mourning the Loss of Loren Stacks and Camille Marti

Family and friends are mourning the tragic deaths of Loren Stacks and Camille Marti, who were struck and killed by a drunk driver on Friday, June 14, 2024. The devastating news of their passing was shared through a heartfelt social media post that read: “My heart is aching to hear of the tragic death of these two beautiful young ladies. Loren Stacks, who was married just a month ago, and Camille Marti, who just graduated from nursing school, was to be married (to Boston Carr) in 88 days.”

Remembering Loren Stacks

Loren Stacks, from Murfreesboro, Arkansas, was dedicated to a career in healthcare. She began her journey at Murfreesboro High School and graduated from Cossatot Community College in 2019. Loren then attended the University of Arkansas – Fort Smith, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene (BS, RDH) in 2023. She later moved to Beaumont, Texas, to pursue her dental hygiene career.

Remembering Camille Marti

Camille Marti, from Burlington, North Carolina, graduated from Eastern Alamance High School and Alamance Community College in 2021. She then studied Nursing at East Central Community College and gained experience at Filament Coffee + Tea. Camille moved to Beaumont, Texas, where she worked as a Labor & Delivery nurse at Christus St. Elizabeth Hospital. She was engaged to Boston Carr, and they were set to marry in 88 days.

Their Contributions and Legacy

Both Loren and Camille exemplified determination and professional excellence, making significant contributions to healthcare in Beaumont, Texas. Their journeys highlight the power of perseverance and dedication to achieving one’s dreams. Loren’s dedication to dental hygiene and Camille’s passion for nursing left a lasting impact on their colleagues and the patients they cared for.

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The tragic loss of Loren Stacks and Camille Marti has left a void in the hearts of their loved ones and the communities they served. Their commitment to healthcare and their vibrant spirits will be remembered by all who knew them. As we mourn their passing, we also celebrate their lives and the positive influence they had on so many. Loren and Camille will be deeply missed but never forgotten.