Highland Park Parade Shooting Victim’s Family Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Gun Manufacturer

In a poignant legal challenge following the tragic Highland Park Fourth of July Parade shooting of 2022, the family of Eduardo Uvaldo, one of the seven victims killed, has taken legal action against Smith & Wesson, the manufacturer of the AR-15-style weapon used in the massacre. Joined by survivors and families of other victims present during the shooting, they have filed a wrongful death lawsuit in Illinois state court.

Allegations Against Smith & Wesson

The lawsuit, filed by prominent law firms Koskoff & Bieder P.C. and Rapoport Weisberg & Sims P.C., alleges that Smith & Wesson continued to market and sell the M&P 15 despite its notorious association with multiple mass shootings over the past decade. Incidents in Aurora, Colorado; San Bernardino, California; Parkland, Florida; and Poway, California, are cited as examples where the weapon was used. Central to the Uvaldo family’s case is the claim of negligent entrustment, asserting that Smith & Wesson irresponsibly marketed the M&P 15, even targeting teenagers, without adequate safeguards against its misuse.

Moreover, the lawsuit accuses the company of violating Illinois state consumer protection laws by promoting the weapon’s lethal and criminal potential.

Remembering Eduardo Uvaldo

Eduardo Uvaldo, described as a devoted family man and pillar of his community, was fatally shot just before his 70th birthday. He leaves behind a grieving family of four daughters, his wife, 13 grandchildren, and six great-grandchildren. The Uvaldo family expressed their deep loss and the injustice they perceive: “Eduardo was a kind, loving, hardworking man who adored his family. He was taken too soon because of the actions of both a disturbed young man and the greedy corporation that made and marketed his weapon.”

Seeking Accountability and Preventing Future Tragedies

“While the shooter may face justice, he could not have acted with that weapon if not for the choices and actions of Smith & Wesson,” the Uvaldo family emphasized in a joint statement. Their lawsuit aims not only to seek justice for Eduardo Uvaldo but also to prevent similar tragedies from befalling other families. The legal action also implicates firearm dealers Budsgunshop.com, LLC and Red Dot Arms, Inc., for allegedly selling the assault weapon to an individual prohibited from owning it, highlighting broader concerns about gun distribution and regulation.

Accusations of Profit-Driven Marketing

The lawsuit paints a picture of Smith & Wesson shifting its corporate strategy away from responsible firearm production and toward profit-seeking from weapons like the M&P 15, marketed as “combat-ready.” It accuses the company of exploiting tragic events, including the Highland Park shooting, to boost sales. Represented by seasoned legal teams known for their involvement in high-profile cases such as the Sandy Hook settlement against Remington, the plaintiffs are prepared to pursue this lawsuit to hold Smith & Wesson accountable and to advocate for stricter measures against negligent firearm marketing and distribution.


As this legal battle unfolds, it not only seeks compensation for the Uvaldo family’s irreparable loss but also raises critical questions about corporate responsibility in the firearms industry and the pursuit of justice in the aftermath of devastating community tragedies. The lawsuit filed by the Uvaldo family and other plaintiffs marks a significant step in seeking accountability from firearms manufacturers and distributors in the wake of mass shootings. It underscores the broader societal debate over gun control, corporate ethics, and the rights of victims to seek legal recourse for preventable tragedies.