Choco Taco Where to Buy: Satisfying Your Choco Taco Cravings


For ice cream lovers everywhere, the Choco Taco is a beloved treat that combines the best of both worlds – a crunchy waffle cone shell filled with creamy chocolate ice cream and topped with a rich chocolate coating. However, finding this delectable dessert can sometimes be challenging due to its discontinuation in certain areas. But fear not! We have some tips for answering ‘Choco Taco Where to Buy?’.

Why Choco Taco Is A Beloved Ice Cream Treat?

The Choco Taco has captured ice cream enthusiasts’ hearts and taste buds for several reasons. Its unique combination of textures and flavors creates a delightful experience with every bite. The crispy waffle cone shell provides a satisfying crunch, while the creamy chocolate ice cream offers a smooth and indulgent taste. The rich chocolate coating adds an extra layer of decadence, making this treat irresistible.

The Disappointment Of Its Discontinuation

Unfortunately, the Choco Taco has been discontinued in some areas, leaving fans longing for its return. This discontinuation can be attributed to factors such as consumer preference changes or product availability shifts. However, the good news is that there are still places if you are finding ‘Choco Taco Where to Buy.’

While Choco Tacos may not be available in all grocery stores or ice cream shops, they can often be found at convenience stores, specialty dessert shops, or online retailers. It’s worth checking with local establishments or conducting an online search to locate the nearest source of Choco Tacos.

So, don’t despair if you’re craving a Choco Taco. With some effort and sleuthing, you can still indulge in this beloved ice cream treat and satisfy your sweet tooth cravings.

Choco Taco Where to Buy: Satisfying Your Choco Taco Cravings

Choco Taco Where to Buy: Crybaby Creamery’s Taco De Fudge In Miami, Florida

Overview Of Crybaby Creamery

Crybaby Creamery is a popular ice cream shop located in Miami, Florida. Known for its unique and inventive flavors, Crybaby Creamery has become a go-to destination for ice cream enthusiasts in the area. The shop prides itself on using high-quality ingredients and creating delicious and unexpected flavors.

Description Of Taco De Fudge Flavor

One of Crybaby Creamery’s most popular flavors is Taco De Fudge. This flavor combines the sweet and creamy taste of fudge with the savory crunch of a taco shell. It may sound unusual, but the combination works surprisingly well.

The base of the ice cream is a rich chocolate fudge flavor that is smooth and velvety. It is then mixed with small pieces of crunchy taco shell, adding a delightful texture to each bite. The combination of sweet and salty flavors creates a unique taste experience that keeps customers coming back for more.

Taco De Fudge is a perfect example of Crybaby Creamery’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of traditional ice cream flavors. They are not afraid to experiment and create unexpected but delicious combinations.

If you find yourself in Miami, be sure to stop by Crybaby Creamery and try their Taco De Fudge flavor. It’s a treat that will satisfy your sweet tooth while also surprising your taste buds.

Choco Taco Discontinued By Klondike

History Behind Choco Taco’s Creation In Philadelphia

The Choco Taco, a beloved ice cream treat that combines the best of both worlds – chocolate and tacos, has a fascinating history. It was first created in Philadelphia in the 1980s by a local ice cream truck driver who wanted to offer something unique and delicious to his customers. The idea was to take a waffle cone shell, fill it with vanilla ice cream, and then dip it in chocolate and sprinkle it with nuts. The result was a delightful combination of flavors and textures that quickly became a hit.

Reasons For Klondike Discontinuing The Treat

Unfortunately, despite its popularity, Klondike has recently made the decision to discontinue the Choco Taco. There are a few reasons behind this decision. Firstly, Klondike wants to focus on its core products and streamline its offerings. Secondly, there were logistical challenges in producing and distributing the Choco Taco on a larger scale. Lastly, changing consumer preferences and trends in the ice cream industry played a role in the discontinuation.

While it is disappointing for Choco Taco fans to see this delicious treat go, there is still hope. Some local ice cream shops may continue to offer their own versions of the Choco Taco or similar treats. Additionally, there are various online platforms where you can find homemade recipes to recreate this nostalgic treat at home.

In conclusion, the Choco Taco holds a special place in the hearts of many ice cream lovers. Its unique combination of flavors and textures made it a fan favorite. Although Klondike has discontinued the treat, there are still options available for those craving the deliciousness of a Choco Taco.

Choco Taco is Available In Washington, DC, And Boston, Massachusetts

Where To Find Choco Taco In These Locations?

If you’re a fan of Choco Taco and happen to be in Washington, DC, or Boston, Massachusetts, you’re in luck! You can satisfy your wonder about ‘Choco Taco Where to Buy?’.

One popular Choco Taco spot in Washington, DC is the Ice Cream Jubilee. Located in the vibrant Navy Yard neighborhood, this ice cream shop offers a variety of flavors and treats, including the beloved Choco Taco. You can enjoy this delicious dessert while taking a stroll along the waterfront or exploring the nearby attractions.

You can head to the famous Emack & Bolio’s in Boston, Massachusetts. With multiple locations throughout the city, this ice cream parlor is known for its unique and indulgent flavors. Their Choco Taco is a customer favorite and is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Description Of The Available Version

The Choco Taco available in these locations is a delightful combination of chocolate and ice cream wrapped in a crispy waffle cone shell. It perfectly balances rich chocolate flavor and creamy ice cream goodness. The waffle cone shell adds a satisfying crunch to each bite, making it a truly enjoyable treat.

Whether you’re in Washington, DC, or Boston, Massachusetts, make sure to visit these locations to get your hands on a Choco Taco. Indulge in this delicious dessert and experience the unique combination of flavors that will leave you craving for more.

Loco COCO Taco In Miami, Florida

If you find yourself in Miami, Florida, and have a craving for Choco Tacos, look no further than Loco COCO Taco. This popular eatery is known for its delicious Mexican-inspired treats, and its Choco Tacos are no exception.

Overview Of Loco COCO Taco

Loco COCO Taco is a vibrant and lively restaurant in Miami’s heart. Its colorful decor and friendly atmosphere make it the perfect place to satisfy your Choco Taco cravings. The restaurant offers a wide range of Mexican dishes, including tacos, burritos, and quesadillas, but their Choco Tacos are a must-try for any dessert lover.

Description Of Their Choco Taco Offering

Loco COCO Taco’s Choco Tacos are a delightful combination of sweet and crunchy. The classic Choco Taco features a crispy waffle cone shell filled with rich chocolate ice cream and topped with a generous drizzle of chocolate sauce. It’s the perfect treat to cool down on a hot Miami day.

In addition to the classic Choco Taco, Loco COCO Taco also offers various flavors and toppings to suit different preferences. From caramel swirls to sprinkles and nuts, you can customize your Choco Taco to create a truly unique dessert experience.

So, if you’re in Miami and have a hankering for a delicious Choco Taco, head over to Loco COCO Taco. Its mouthwatering offerings and lively atmosphere make it the perfect place to indulge in this delightful treat.

Other Places To Satisfy Choco Taco Cravings

Additional Locations Across The Country

If you’re craving a delicious Choco Taco and can’t find one at your local grocery store, don’t worry! There are other places where you can satisfy your Choco Taco cravings. Many convenience stores, ice cream parlors, and even some restaurants offer this tasty treat. Here are a few additional locations across the country where you can find Choco Tacos:

  • Convenience Stores: Many convenience stores, such as 7-Eleven and Circle K, carry Choco Tacos in their frozen dessert section. These stores are often open late, making grabbing a Choco Taco convenient whenever the craving hits.
  • Ice Cream Parlors: Some local ice cream parlors may offer Choco Tacos as part of their menu. These establishments often have a wide variety of ice cream flavors and toppings, allowing you to customize your chocolate taco experience.
  • Restaurants: Certain restaurants, especially those with a focus on desserts or Mexican cuisine, may serve Choco Tacos as a unique and indulgent dessert option. Check out local dessert spots or Mexican restaurants in your area to see if they offer this delicious treat.

Varieties And Flavors Offered

Choco Tacos come in various flavors and varieties to suit different taste preferences. While the classic Choco Taco features vanilla ice cream with a chocolate-flavored waffle cone shell dipped in chocolate and topped with peanuts, other options are also available. Some popular variations include:

  • Strawberry Choco Taco: This version swaps out the vanilla ice cream for strawberry-flavored ice cream, providing a fruity twist to the classic treat.
  • Caramel Choco Taco: If you’re a fan of caramel, you’ll love this variation. It features caramel-flavored ice cream with a chocolate shell and caramel drizzle.
  • Mint Choco Taco: Mint lovers rejoice! This chocolate taco includes mint-flavored ice cream, a chocolate shell, and a sprinkle of chocolate chips on top.

No matter which flavor or variety you choose, indulging in a Choco Taco is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth and leave you craving more. So, the next time you’re looking for a delicious frozen treat, be sure to check out these additional locations and explore the different flavors offered.

Choco Taco Where to Buy: Satisfying Your Choco Taco Cravings

The End Of An Era: Choco Taco’s Legacy

Choco Taco, the beloved ice cream treat that combined the best of both worlds – a crunchy taco shell filled with creamy chocolate ice cream – has officially come to an end. After decades of satisfying sweet cravings and bringing joy to ice cream lovers everywhere, Choco Taco has left behind a lasting legacy.

Reflection On The Cultural Impact Of Choco Taco

Choco Taco was not just a dessert; it was a cultural phenomenon. Its unique shape and combination of flavors captured the imagination of people from all walks of life. From kids eagerly devouring it on hot summer days to adults indulging in nostalgia, Choco Taco became a symbol of joy and indulgence.

This iconic treat also played a significant role in popular culture. It made appearances in movies TV shows, and even inspired memes and social media trends. Choco Taco became more than just an ice cream; it became a symbol of happiness and shared experiences.

Sentiments From Dedicated Fans

The news of Choco Taco’s discontinuation has left fans heartbroken. Social media platforms have been flooded with posts expressing nostalgia and sadness over the loss of this beloved treat. Many fans have shared their cherished memories of enjoying Choco Tacos with friends and family, creating a sense of community around this dessert.

Choco Taco’s loyal fan base is a testament to its enduring appeal. People have fond memories associated with this treat, whether it was enjoying it at the beach, during road trips, or simply as a delicious treat after dinner. The outpouring of love from fans showcases Choco Taco’s impact on their lives.

While the end of Choco Taco marks the end of an era, its legacy will live on in the hearts and taste buds of its dedicated fans. The memories created and the joy experienced will forever be a part of the Choco Taco story.

Choco Taco Where to Buy: Satisfying Your Choco Taco Cravings

Could Choco Taco Make A Comeback?

Speculations And Rumors About A Potential Return

Choco Taco, the beloved ice cream treat that combines the best of both worlds – chocolate and tacos – has left many fans craving for its return. Over the years, there have been speculations and rumors about a potential comeback, igniting hope among Choco Taco enthusiasts.

Social media platforms have been buzzing with discussions and petitions, with fans expressing their desire to see Choco Taco back on store shelves. The nostalgia associated with this unique dessert has created a strong demand for its revival.

The Hope For Choco Taco’s Revival

Despite the absence of an official announcement, there are several reasons to be optimistic about Choco Taco’s comeback. First and foremost, the loyal fan base is still actively advocating for its return, which has caught the attention of both consumers and industry insiders.

Furthermore, the success of other nostalgic food comebacks, such as Dunkaroos and Surge Soda, has demonstrated that there is a market for bringing back beloved treats from the past. Companies are recognizing the power of nostalgia in driving consumer demand.

Choco Taco’s distinctive combination of flavors and textures also sets it apart from other ice cream novelties. Its popularity in the past indicates that there is a strong consumer preference for this unique dessert experience.

While it remains uncertain when or if Choco Taco will make its highly anticipated comeback, fans can continue to express their love for this iconic treat through social media campaigns and petitions. The hope for its revival remains strong, fueled by the unwavering passion of Choco Taco enthusiasts around the world.

FAQ: Where to Buy – Satisfying Your Choco Taco Cravings

Q: Where can I buy Choco Tacos?
A: Choco Tacos can be found in select grocery stores and convenience stores. They are also available for purchase online on various websites.

Q: Are Choco Tacos widely available?
A: While Choco Tacos may not be as widely available as some other ice cream treats, they can be found in many locations, particularly during summer. It’s always a good idea to check with your local grocery stores or ice cream shops to see if they carry Choco Tacos.

Q: Can I find Choco Tacos in the freezer section of my grocery store?
A: Yes, Choco Tacos are typically found in the freezer section of grocery stores, alongside other frozen novelties and ice cream treats. However, their availability may vary depending on the store and region.

Q: What if I can’t find Choco Tacos in stores near me?
A: If you are unable to find Choco Tacos in stores near you, you can consider making your own at home using one of the many copycat recipes available online. These recipes provide step-by-step instructions on recreating the delicious Choco Taco experience in your kitchen.

Q: How can I make my own Choco Tacos at home?
A: Making your own Choco Tacos at home is easier than you might think. Plenty of Choco Taco recipes are available online that provide detailed instructions on how to make the taco-shaped waffle shell, fill it with fudge-swirled ice cream, and coat it with a crisp chocolate layer. You can customize the ingredients to suit your preferences, such as using different nuts or toppings.

Q: Can I personalize the Choco Taco recipe?
A: You can personalize the Choco Taco recipe to suit your taste. Many recipes offer variations, such as using different types of nuts or toppings. You can experiment with different flavors and add your own twists to create a Choco Taco that perfectly satisfies your cravings.

Q: How long does it take to make homemade Choco Tacos?
A: The time it takes to make homemade Choco Tacos will vary depending on the recipe you choose. Some recipes may require a few hours of freezing time, while others may be quicker. It’s best to read the recipe instructions carefully to get an idea of the time needed.

Q: Are there any easier versions of the Choco Taco recipe?
A: Yes, simpler versions of the Choco Taco recipe are available that require fewer ingredients and steps. For example, some recipes simplify the process by using pre-made ingredients like flour tortillas or pizzelles. These recipes are a great option if you’re looking for a quicker and easier way to satisfy your Choco Taco cravings.

Q: Can I make Choco Tacos without nuts?
A: Absolutely! If you prefer not to use nuts in your Choco Tacos, you can easily omit them or substitute them with other toppings or add-ins of your choice. Customizing the recipe to your liking is part of the fun and allows for a truly personalized Choco Taco experience.


Now you should know the answer to ‘Choco Taco Where to Buy?’. Choco Tacos are a delicious treat that combines the best of both worlds – ice cream and tacos. Whether you’re a long-time fan or just discovering this delightful dessert, satisfying your Choco Taco cravings is easier than you might think. You can indulge in this sweet treat whenever the craving strikes by exploring alternative options and knowing where to buy them.

Alternative Options To Satisfy Choco Taco Cravings

If you can’t find Choco Tacos at your local grocery store or ice cream shop, don’t worry! There are alternative options to satisfy your cravings:

  1. Make your own: If you enjoy being creative in the kitchen, try making your homemade Choco Tacos. Plenty of recipes are available online that provide step-by-step instructions on how to recreate this tasty treat.
  2. Order online: Many online retailers offer Choco Tacos for delivery. Check out popular e-commerce platforms or specialty dessert websites to find a reliable source that can ship these treats right to your doorstep.

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