Ariel Jade and John Medrano Death & Obituary, Two died after shooting ends in accident

Ariel Jade and John Medrano Death & Obituary: A shooting incident has resulted in a tragic accident, claiming the lives of two individuals and injuring another. According to the San Antonio Police Department, the incident unfolded around 11:15 p.m. near the intersection of West Martin Street and Northwest 24th Street, in proximity to South General McMullen and Elmendorf Lake Park. The sequence of events began with gunfire exchanged between occupants of two vehicles, sparking a chain reaction of chaos and devastation.

Sequence of Events

A black vehicle traveling along West Martin Street was targeted by shots fired from another vehicle, causing it to veer off the road and crash into a nearby ditch. Tragically, the car struck a homeless man and woman who were seated on steps adjacent to the crash site. Upon arrival, emergency responders were confronted with a heart-wrenching scene: a vehicle lodged in a ditch, a man pinned underneath it, and a critically injured woman requiring urgent medical attention.

Despite immediate efforts by emergency crews, the man succumbed to his injuries due to the impact of the vehicle. Fortunately, the woman received prompt medical care and is currently undergoing treatment for her injuries. San Antonio police have initiated a comprehensive investigation into both the shooting and subsequent crash, grappling with the complexities of the incident and its profound ramifications.

Investigation and Community Response

Details concerning the motive behind the shooting and the identities of those directly involved have not yet been disclosed, leaving the community with unanswered questions and a palpable sense of unease. As authorities diligently work to unravel the circumstances and piece together the events leading up to this tragedy, an outpouring of support and condolences continues to flow in for the victims and their grieving families.


The tragic shooting incident near West Martin Street has left a profound impact on the San Antonio community, claiming two lives and injuring another. As the investigation unfolds, authorities strive to uncover the truth behind this senseless act of violence, aiming to provide justice for the victims and closure for their loved ones. The community remains united in offering support to those affected, reaffirming the resilience and compassion in times of adversity.